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The Dave Ramsey Show is about real life and how it revolves around money. Dave Ramsey teaches you to manage and budget your money, get out of debt, build wealth, and live in financial peace. Managing your money properly will reduce stress, improve your marriage, and provide security for you and your family.
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Feb 3, 2017

Hour 1: Aired on Friday, February 3, 2017

- Jaime (McAllen, TX) wants to maximize his wife's paycheck. 

- Dave talks about the Smart Conferences coming up in San Antonio and Phoenix.

- Meghan (Orlando, FL) is looking to buy a new-to-her car before getting rolling with the debt snowball. 

- Dave talks about the "Business Boutique" book releasing April 17.

- Nicholas (Detroit, MI) is getting married in October. He's $22,000 in debt and wants to save for the wedding. 

- Joe and Amy (Omaha, NE) do their debt-free scream. They paid off $126,600 in 41 months. 

- Dave answers the question of the day. Anna asks where back property taxes fall in Baby Step 2. 

- Dave shares the Scripture and quote of the day.

- Jim (Lexington, KY) asks if buying a farm was a good idea. 

- John (Tucson, AZ) wonders if they have enough retirement. 

Feb 3, 2017

Hour 2: Aired on Friday, February 3, 2017

- Rachel (Boise, ID) just found out about another $90,000 in student loans her husband has. The in-laws just informed her. 

- Dave talks about the popular online budgeting app, EveryDollar.

- Ryan (Mason City, IA) wants to know where a small business startup would fit into the budget in Baby Step 2. His wife wants to start a business.

- Karen (Cincinnati, OH) isn't sure how to start her budget on EveryDollar due to bills that fluctuate, bonuses, stock options, and the like.

- Kunal (Raleigh-Durham, NC) screams "I'm debt free!" from the lobby after paying off $40,000 in six months.

- Cliff (Greensboro, NC) is coordinating a Financial Peace University class. He's concerned one of his students is enabling her mom. 

- Jane (New Orleans) is considering paying off her mortgage. 

Feb 3, 2017

Hour 1: Aired on Friday, February 3, 2017

- Jason (San Francisco) has a grown son with cancer living with them. Are they enabling him? 

- Maria (Los Angeles) asks which 401(k) option she should go for and if she should sell her company stock to pay off her house. 

- Emily (Birmingham, AL) wants to start a financial coaching business. Her husband thinks she should wait until they're out of debt. 

- David (Salt Lake City, UT) isn't sure they should help a sick friend since they don't have a lot of money on hand. 

- Deanna and Jeremy (Peoria, IL) do their debt-free scream. They paid off $90,000 in 45 months. 

- Dave promotes the radio show, "Chris Brown's True Stewardship." 

- Kris (Minneapolis, MN) has Parent PLUS loans. Should she pay them off or take part in any available debt-relief programs? 

- Jonathan (Louisville, KY) asks about the most tax-efficient way for his father to pass his large estate down to the kids. 

- Dave answers Daniel's question from Twitter. Should he wait to start investing for retirement until he has a down payment for a house?

Feb 2, 2017

Hour 3: Aired on Thursday, February 2, 2017

- Jessica (Dallas) is getting a tax refund this year. What should she do with it?

- Dave shares the keys for getting and staying out of debt. 

- Bradley (San Antonio) does his debt-free scream from the lobby. He paid off $67,000 in a year. 

- Dr. Les Parrott and Rachel Cruze join Dave in studio to talk about the upcoming Money and Marriage events in Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Chicago.

-  Dave, Les and Rachel talk about Valentine's Day and how men and women approach it differently. 

- Dave shares the Scripture and quote of the day. 

- Les and Rachel talk about the Deep Love assessment (found at 

- Allison (Monroe, LA) isn't on the same page with her husband on money. 

Feb 2, 2017

Hour 1: Aired on Monday, February 2, 2017

- Josh (Colorado Springs) needs priorities in paying off his debt. 

- Gene (Philadelphia) asks if he should pay off his VW considering the buyback offer. 

- Dave answers Smith's question from Twitter. He's been laid off for five months, the emergency fund is shot, and he may lose his home soon. What should he do?

- Tommy and Mary (Atlanta, GA) do their debt-free scream from the lobby. They paid off $72,311 in 33 months. 

- Megan (New York, NY) is renting but is thinking about buying a house and commuting into the city. 

- Author Chris Hogan joins Dave in studio. Dave and Chris talk about the upcoming EntreLeadership Summit event, the importance of single people saving for retirement, and the importance of communicating with your spouse. 

- Maria (Los Angeles) asks if she should use stocks and a Roth IRA to pay off the house. 

- Dave and Chris talk about the R:IQ tool at

Feb 1, 2017

Hour 3: Aired on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

- Katie (Provo, UT) is gazelle intense on their goals, but should she help their daughters through college?

- Dave answers Glenn's question from Facebook. His company is offering a pension buyout. Should he roll it into an IRA?

- Dave answers the question of the day. Dave asks if gold should be a part of his retirement plan?

- Daniel (Kearney, NE) inherited farm real estate seven years ago. Should he sell it and invest elsewhere?

- Roanne and Laurence (Birmingham, England) do their debt-free scream. They paid off €32,000in six months. That's $48,000 in US currency! 

- Selena (Chicago, IL) is trying to help her brother's widow. She needs help with the will, life insurance, probate, etc.

- Dave shares the Scripture and quote of the day. 

- Brian (Jacksonville, FL) is saving money while in the military. What should he do with it? 

- Albert (Dallas, TX) is trying to decide between saving for a down payment on a house or opening a Roth IRA. 

- Jesse (Dothan, AL) has a fiancée using debt consolidation. Is there a way to get that debt back from the dispute company?

Feb 1, 2017

Hour 2: Aired on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

- William (Orlando, FL) is trying to decide between a Roth and a Traditional IRA.

- Vincent (Pensacola, FL) owns a house with his ex-girlfriend. 

- Kevin (Chattanooga, TN) wants to get his money under control and get out of debt. Where does he start?

- Sam (Birmingham, AL) owes $34k on his truck. He could only get around $30k for it.

- Dave talks about some of the openings at Ramsey Solutions. 

- Lisa (Spokane, WA) needs next steps for her husband who is being laid off. 

- Michael (Dallas, TX) wants to start a small woodworking business, but doesn't know how to run a company. 

- Jamie (Syracuse, NY) asks if he should pay off his truck or sell it. 

- Dave answers Katie's question form Twitter. Should they sell their home to pay off student loans and be 100% debt-free?

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