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Get motivated and stay on track with your goals by listening to The Dave Ramsey Show, the fourth most downloaded podcast of 2017. In each show, Dave answers questions from listeners on subjects like debt, investing, retirement, insurance, and marriage. A best-selling author, Dave has sold over 10 million books. For more information, visit
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Feb 2, 2017

Hour 1: Aired on Monday, February 2, 2017

- Josh (Colorado Springs) needs priorities in paying off his debt. 

- Gene (Philadelphia) asks if he should pay off his VW considering the buyback offer. 

- Dave answers Smith's question from Twitter. He's been laid off for five months, the emergency fund is shot, and he may lose his home soon. What should he do?

- Tommy and Mary (Atlanta, GA) do their debt-free scream from the lobby. They paid off $72,311 in 33 months. 

- Megan (New York, NY) is renting but is thinking about buying a house and commuting into the city. 

- Author Chris Hogan joins Dave in studio. Dave and Chris talk about the upcoming EntreLeadership Summit event, the importance of single people saving for retirement, and the importance of communicating with your spouse. 

- Maria (Los Angeles) asks if she should use stocks and a Roth IRA to pay off the house. 

- Dave and Chris talk about the R:IQ tool at

Feb 1, 2017

Hour 3: Aired on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

- Katie (Provo, UT) is gazelle intense on their goals, but should she help their daughters through college?

- Dave answers Glenn's question from Facebook. His company is offering a pension buyout. Should he roll it into an IRA?

- Dave answers the question of the day. Dave asks if gold should be a part of his retirement plan?

- Daniel (Kearney, NE) inherited farm real estate seven years ago. Should he sell it and invest elsewhere?

- Roanne and Laurence (Birmingham, England) do their debt-free scream. They paid off €32,000in six months. That's $48,000 in US currency! 

- Selena (Chicago, IL) is trying to help her brother's widow. She needs help with the will, life insurance, probate, etc.

- Dave shares the Scripture and quote of the day. 

- Brian (Jacksonville, FL) is saving money while in the military. What should he do with it? 

- Albert (Dallas, TX) is trying to decide between saving for a down payment on a house or opening a Roth IRA. 

- Jesse (Dothan, AL) has a fiancée using debt consolidation. Is there a way to get that debt back from the dispute company?

Feb 1, 2017

Hour 2: Aired on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

- William (Orlando, FL) is trying to decide between a Roth and a Traditional IRA.

- Vincent (Pensacola, FL) owns a house with his ex-girlfriend. 

- Kevin (Chattanooga, TN) wants to get his money under control and get out of debt. Where does he start?

- Sam (Birmingham, AL) owes $34k on his truck. He could only get around $30k for it.

- Dave talks about some of the openings at Ramsey Solutions. 

- Lisa (Spokane, WA) needs next steps for her husband who is being laid off. 

- Michael (Dallas, TX) wants to start a small woodworking business, but doesn't know how to run a company. 

- Jamie (Syracuse, NY) asks if he should pay off his truck or sell it. 

- Dave answers Katie's question form Twitter. Should they sell their home to pay off student loans and be 100% debt-free?

Dec 30, 2016

Hour 2: Aired on Thursday, December 29, 2016

- Katie (Lafayette, LA) is on the hunt for a job. How can she best search online?

- Dawn (Gilbert, AZ) wants to purchase a home, but her husband will be $450,000 in student loan debt after finishing dental school. 

- Sharon (Dayton, OH) is enabling her 28-year-old son. She feels guilty to keep going, but would feel guilty to stop. 

- Bill (Champaign, IL) is starting a motorcycle touring business. Should he get a new or used bike for this?

- Andrew and Debbie (Burlington, VT) do their debt-free scream from the lobby. They paid off $171,000 in 7.5 years.

- Larry (Boone, NC) is debt free. Now what?

- Lindsay (San Antonio, TX) needs a game plan. Her employer will pay off her husband's $134,000 in student loans in four years. 

- Tina (East Haven, CT) has $180,000 in student loans. Her husband is in the military, and she makes $24,000/year. Should they file for bankruptcy?

- Dave answers Sonya's question from Facebook. If you can opt out of Social Security for moral reasons, should you?


Dec 27, 2016

Hour 1: Aired on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

- Dave rants about people who have a victim mentality.

- Nicole (Chicago, IL) asks if they should consolidate credit cards.

- Casey (Birmingham, AL) is putting money aside to buy a house and will have $35,000 next year. Is that enough?

- Dave answers Nate’s question from Twitter. What does Dave think about buying foreclosures?

- Charles and Myrissa (Springfield, IL) give their debt-free scream from the lobby. They paid off $300,000 in combined student loans.

- Robert (San Antonio, TX) has an overdrawn bank account. If he fixes it, how will that affect his credit?

- Luke (Minneapolis, MN) is considering paying off the house now, but all he’d have left is $20,000 and retirement.

- Lloyd (South Bend, IN) asks about prepaid funeral expenses.

Dec 27, 2016

Hour 2: Aired on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

- Charity (Chattanooga, TN) is considering starting a drive-thru coffee shop business. Is this a good idea?

- Keld (Norwich, CT) is unsure about leaving his estranged children in his will. He’s considering giving to charity instead.

- Brandon (Bellingham, WA) is facing two job opportunities. One is self-directed. One is network marketing. Which would Dave suggest?

- Virginia (Atlanta, GA) has a timeshare, and the company is offering to buy it back for $5,000.

- Reid and Cindy (Austin, TX) have a question from the lobby. They’re in their 60s and retired. Should they move an IRA slowly into a Roth to take advantage of low taxes?

- Lea (Detroit, MI) is completely broke and struggling. Her husband is having health problems. What can they do?

- Dave answers Vincent’s question from Twitter. What are Dave’s thoughts on index funds versus regular mutual funds?

- Matt (Calgary, Alberta) day-trades, but wonders if he should go back to work to pay off debt.

Dec 27, 2016

Hour 3: Aired on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

- Angel (San Antonio, TX) is recently married and has two kids. Should they take his mother’s offer to move in and buy her house?

- Dave answers Nicholas’ question from Twitter. Where can he get a detailed report of his debts?

- Dave answers Preston’s question from Twitter. Should he get life insurance through work?

- Dave answers the question of the day. Dave asks if there’s ever a time when you’ll graduate from the cash-only system and use a credit card on a limited basis.

- Derek (Billings, MT) received an inheritance. What does he do with it?

- Aaron (Fargo, ND) has credit cards in collections.

- Matt (Nashville, TN) is trying to figure out how to find a career he can get fired up about.

- Carey (Tulsa, OK) can’t seem to get traction.

- Dave shares the Scripture and quote of the day.

- Joel and Lindsey (Seattle, WA) ask how to grow a small business without growing it too fast.

- Jim (Spokane, WA) is torn between paying down the house and adding to the retirement fund.

Nov 14, 2016

Hour 3: Aired on Monday, November 14, 2016

- Dave talks about the return of The Dave Ramsey Show to SiriusXM. 

- Diane (Reading, PA) is considering using investments to pay off debt. Is this a good idea?

- Chris (Baton Rouge, LA) is discouraged that debt isn't going away quick enough. 

- Terry (Kansas City, MO) is getting ever closer to retirement. Should he use 401(k) money to pay off the house? 

- David (Chicago, IL) is having trouble budgeting for bills. 

- Dave answers Shaun's question from Facebook. Is there any benefit to term life with living benefits versus straight term life insurance? 

- Scott and Charlena (Winston-Salem, NC) give their debt-free scream. They paid off $140,000 in 30 months. 

- Dave shares the Scripture and quote of the day. 

- Dave answers the question of the day. Chris asks if he should borrow on a 401(k) to pay off his credit cards? The math seems to work.

- Dave talks about the $10 Sale at  

- Jessica (San Angelo, TX) asks how to budget when she has a regular income, but her husband is self-employed. 



Nov 14, 2016

Hour 2: Aired on Monday, November 14, 2016

- Rob (Philadelphia, PA) asks how to attack a student loan. 

- Rebecca (Reading, PA) is upside down on a car. Should she keep it and pay it off? 

- Jimmy and Candace (Oklahoma City) give their debt-free scream from the lobby. They paid off $162,000 in 33 months. 

- Rachel Cruze joins Dave to take calls and to talk about how people who like to spend approach the holidays.

- Laura (Pittsburgh, PA) asks advice on what to do with her savings. 

- Roger (Los Angeles) is considering moving in with his parents. Is this a bad idea?

Nov 14, 2016

Hour 1: Aired on Monday, November 14, 2016

- Dave talks about the SiriusXM launch. 

- Rachel (Lynchburg, VA) is considering a student loan repayment plan.

- Karen (Bay City, MI) asks when she should pay off her business mortgage. 

- Braden (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) wants to be a chicken farmer. Should he borrow money to get into the business? 

- Dave talks about the hard lessons he learned borrowing money for a business. 

- Jay (San Antonio, TX) wants to secure his retirement. 

- Kim (Yorktown, VA) has a rental home mortgage on a house they can't rent out and a family home mortgage. What should they do?

- Shawn and Rosa (Louisville, KY) give their debt-free scream.  They paid off $63,644 in 19 months. 

Oct 24, 2016

Hour 3: Aired on Monday, October 24, 2016

- Caleb (Portland, OR) is needing help now that his wife is doing an unpaid internship and they're living on one income. 

- Dave answers Christina's question from Twitter. Where does saving for a wedding fit into the Baby Steps? 

- Latoya (Columbus, OH) wonders if she should get a second life insurance policy. 

- Rodney (Atlanta) asks if he should get rid of his car. 

- Ellie (Salt Lake City, UT) is 60. She wonders if she should sell her house or use some of her retirement money to pay it off.

- Dave answers the question of the day. In Jason's budget, where should alimony and child support be in order of priority? 

- Jeff and Rachel (Salt Lake City, UT) give their debt-free scream from the lobby after paying off $45,000 in 22 months. 

- Cam (Orlando) is considering starting a side business as a personal trainer, but it would require $1,000 in equipment. 

- Dave shares the Scripture and quote of the day. 

- Carrie (St. Louis, MO) is pregnant and paying off debt. Should they keep rolling their debt snowball? 

- Cassie (Pittsburgh, PA) asks how she and her husband can get on the same page about money.

Oct 24, 2016

Hour 2: Aired on Monday, October 24, 2016

- Dave talks about the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum. 

- Dave is joined in studio by Larry Magnesen, Senior VP of Fifth Third Bank, to talk about the bank's sponsorship of Dave's curriculum. 

- Dave is joined by Jenna Burns, a teacher at Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, who teaches the Foundations curriculum. 

- Dave talks about the importance of teaching teenagers sound financial principles. 

- Kyle (Columbia, MO) needs advice on how to evaluate a business he wants to buy. 

- Richard (Little Rock, AR) has a collection of motorcycles. Should he sell them to pay his monthly expenses?

- Joni (Dover, DE) asks how to make sure the will is carried out once she's passed. 

- Dave talks about the 14-Day Money Finder on 

- Dave talks about the new wallet found on 

Oct 24, 2016

Hour 1: Aired on Monday, October 24, 2016

- Jennifer (Baltimore, MD) has run into health problems and is waiting on disability. She cosigned on her mom's house. What can she do?

- David (New York, NY) asks if he should pay off his mortgage.

- Coby (Winston-Salem, NC) is starting to invest at 19. What should his strategy be?

- Michael (Chicago, IL) wants to know the difference between investing and gambling.

- David and Mary (New Jersey) give their debt-free scream. The paid off $135,339 in 32 months. 

- Dave answers a question from Facebook. Bonner asks if he should close his bank accounts over concerns of Russian hacking. 

- Michelle (Dallas) is on Baby Step 2, but she's worried about not putting money into retirement. 

- Lisa (Kalamazoo, MI) received a $3,800 check from her insurance company after a roof leak. She's in Baby Step 2. Should she use the money to repair the roof?

Oct 21, 2016

Hour 3: Aired on Friday, October 21, 2016

- Kevin (Pittsburgh, PA) wants to know whether to pay off debt or buy a new house.

- Mike (Binghamton, NY) has a question for Dave about his pension.

- Mary on Facebook asks Dave if both her and her husband's name should be on the LLC for a rental property they want to buy.

- Darren (San Antonio, TX) wants to know if he should pay off a second mortgage or invest in a college fund.

- Nathan (Tampa, FL) asks Dave about state-specific wills.

- John and Sharon (Clarksville, TN) are in the lobby to give their debt-free scream after paying off $40,000 in 23 months. 

- Chuck (Albany, NY) wants to know if he should retire yet.

- Dave reads the Scripture and quote of the day.

- Dave answers the question of the day. Carlo asks if insurance and utilities are factored in when Dave says to pay no more than 25% of income on a house.

- Christina (Rockville, MD) has $174,000 in student loan debt. How does she begin attacking it? 

Oct 21, 2016

Hour 2: Aired on Friday, October 21, 2016

- Dave explains the basics of what Ramsey Solutions teaches.

- Dionne (Chicago, IL) wants to leave her new job but is worried about the repercussions.

- Matt (Meridian, ID) wants to know his options for paying medical bills.

- Jacob and Bridgett (Dallas, TX) want to know how to buy a business from their dad.

- Jacob and Jennifer (Dallas TX) are in the lobby to give their debt-free scream after paying off $93,000 in 22 months!

- Greg (Houston, TX) asks if he should use his son's 529 college savings fund to pay off personal debt. 


Oct 21, 2016

Hour 1: Aired on Friday, October 21, 2016

- John (Los Angeles, CA) wants to know if it's legal to use one person's credit as collateral to start a corporation for someone else. 

- Dave answers a question from Twitter. Ryan asks what's the most debt anyone has ever paid off using Dave's plan. 

- Lisa (Birmingham, AL) says her father's estate is in debt and the executer is being uncooperative. 

- Manuel and Mandee (Los Angeles, CA) are debt-free after paying off $21,000 in 1 year!

- Kendra (Pennsylvania) is expecting a child and asks for advice on how to update her will after the baby is born.

- Dave talks about the principles behind why it's so important to have a will.

- Cindy (Portland, ME) wants to know what type of credit card she should get.


Sep 1, 2016

Hour 1: Aired on Thursday, September 1, 2016

- Dave talks about how the things he teaches are simple and just require discipline.

- Kelly (Kalamazoo, MI) asks how to teach her college-age son how to budget.

- Dave reads a Facebook question from Ashley, who wonders if she should get disability insurance before or after completing her emergency fund.

- Matt and Bryn (Lake Tahoe, CA) are debt-free after paying off $50,000 in 11 months!

- Dave talks about our budgeting software, EveryDollar.

- Dave reads the question of the day from Paul, who asks for advice on negotiating.

- John (Colorado Springs, CO) has a question about retiring with military benefits.

Dec 17, 2015

- Carlee (Iowa) and her husband wonder if they should pause on retirement savings to build up a bigger pile of money for house repairs once they buy.

- Jason (Detroit) wants to know if he should roll his 401(k) over to his new job or withdraw it to pay off debt.

- Nora (Greenville, SC) wants to know where collections fit into the Baby Step process.

- Nick (Phoenix) and his wife ask if they should sell their paid-for house to build a custom house on some property they have.

- Michelle (Lexington, KY) asks if she should take money from her savings account to pay off her mortgage.

- Amy from Twitter wonders about the best way to deal with capital gains tax.

- Parker and Kara (Nashville - Parker works for Dave) have paid off $32,000 in 19 months and are now debt-free!

- Anna (Baton Rouge, LA) is going back to grad school in January and asks if she should borrow from her 403(b) to pay for college.

- Dave plugs EveryDollar.

- David (San Antonio, TX) owns three whole life insurance policies and asks if it’s smart to keep them.

- Michelle (New York) wonders what happens to the bills that don’t get paid when the paycheck from your irregular income arrives.

- JC from Twitter asks what gazelle intense means.

Dec 17, 2015

- Ken, Rachel and Chris talk about the upcoming release of Chris’ book Retire Inspired as well as Rachel’s next book project set to release in late 2016.

- Rachel, Chris and Ken talk about how they stay on budget with their Christmas shopping and offer tips for how you can do the same.

- Sarah (Tacoma, WA) asks how you can respectfully speak to your parents about money when they struggle with it.

- Jack (Chicago) wants to know if he should finish Baby Step 3 before spending $6,000 getting his degree at an online college.

- Brad from Twitter is on Baby Step 2 and asks if he should cash out his work vacation days to pay on his debt.

- Maria (Temple, TX) has a husband who wants to take out a 401(k) loan. She wants to know why that’s not a good idea.

- Elaine (San Antonio, TX) and her husband are in their 60s. She wants to know the age where they can start withdrawing from their mutual funds.

- Jesus (Hartford, CT) has a $4,000 car that needs $2,000 in repairs. He wonders if he should pay to fix it or pay cash for a newer $10,000 car.

- Chris, Ken and Rachel talk about keeping gift and money expectations reasonable during the Christmas season.

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